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St Joseph’s Year R RE_Friends Summer 2 topic.pdf
Copy of Farm-Home-Learning-Challenge-Sheet.pdf
Copy of Science Experiment.pdf
Copy of Animals-on-the-Farm-EYFS-PowerPoint.ppt
Copy of Length-height-and-distance-powerpoint.pptx
Copy of Maths-height-home-learning-challenge.pdf
Copy of The Gingerbread Man Writing lines.pdf
Copy of What-am-i-interactive-game.ppt
Copy of Gingerbread-man-height-ordering.pdf
Copy of Gingerbread-People-Recipe.pdf
Copy of Mothers-and-their-young-farm-animals-matching.pdf
Copy of The Gingerbread Man.pdf
Copy of Three Billy Goats Gruff.pdf
Copy of The-Three-Billy-Goats-Gruff-Fact-Sheet.pdf
Copy of Out-jumps-troll-song.pdf
Copy of Troll-Character-Description-Sheets.pdf
Copy of Billy-goats-like-grass-so-green-song.pdf
Copy of Over-the-bridge-song.pdf
Copy of Mystery-mouse-investigates-length-powerpoint.pptx
Copy of Floating Science Experiment Prompt Card.pdf
Copy of Hungry-billy-goats-gruff-song.pdf
Copy of Floating science experiment.pdf
Copy of Hansel and Gretel.pdf
Copy of Hansel-and-gretel-story-powerpoint.ppt
Copy of Odd-and-even-numbers-sorting-activity-powerpoint-english.ppt
Copy of Woodland-animal-habitats-powerpoint.ppt
Copy of Hansel-and-gretel-complete-the-pattern.pdf
Copy of Odd-and-even-numbers-activity-booklet.pdf
Copy of Design-a-gingerbread-house.pdf
Copy of Hansel-and-gretel-finger-puppets.pdf
Copy of Hansel-and-gretel-book-review-writing-frame.pdf
Copy of Hansel-and-gretel-complete-the-pattern.pdf
Copy of Home learning - Little Red Riding Hood.pdf
Copy of Little Red Riding Hood Story.pdf
Copy of 1. Hungry Wolf Song.pdf
Copy of 4. Mind The Wolf Song .pdf
Copy of Colour-scavenger-hunt-differentiated-activity-sheets.pdf
Copy of Shopping list.pdf
Copy of 3. Little Red Is Very Good Song.pdf
Copy of Wolf's Disguise Clothes Activity Black and White.pdf
Copy of Home Challenge - sharing.pdf
Copy of 5. This Bad Wolf Song.pdf
Copy of Bees-in-the-garden-halving-worksheet_ver_1.pdf
Copy of Ice Lolly Science Experiment.pdf
Copy of Description Activity.pdf
Copy of Wellbeing-craft---things-to-look-forward-to-jar_ver_9.pdf
Copy of Wolf Wanted Posters.pdf
Copy of Home learning - Goldilocks.pdf
Copy of Golidilocks-Story-Powerpoint.pdf
Copy of Goldilocks-Letter-to-the-Three-Bears.pdf
Copy of Facts-about-bears-eyfs-powerpoint_ver_1.ppt
Copy of Goldilocks-editable-speech-bubbles-activity-sheets-_ver_1.pdf
Copy of Goldilocks-and-the-three-bears-story-sequencing.pdf
Copy of Bear Fact Cards Writing Template.pdf
Copy of number bonds to 10.pdf
Copy of Number bonds activity book.pdf
Copy of Number-shape-cutouts.pdf
Copy of T-T-5343-The-Frog-Prince-Story-Powerpoint_ver_2.ppt.pdf
Copy of T-T-017-Frog-Life-Cycle-Activity-Sheets.pdf
Copy of t-t-4070-the-frog-prince-story-sequencing-cards-_ver_1.pdf
Copy of Frog Video.avi
Copy of The frog price 1_6.pdf
Copy of Frog Life Cycle PowerPoint.ppt.pdf
Copy of Tapestry instructions.pdf
Copy of t-e-2549745-life-cycle-of-a-frog-early-writing-activities_ver_1.pdf
Copy of t-t-807-design-a-royal-wedding-invitation-_ver_1.pdf
Sea creatures week.pdf
Capacity home learning.pdf
Capacity sorting.pdf
Under the sea description writing.pdf
Tiddler home learning telling tales.pdf
Starry eyed Stan step by step drawing instructions.pdf
Starry eyed Stan home learning challenges.pdf
Sea creatures week-3.pdf
Sea creature subtraction.pdf
Sea Creature Sorting Activity.pdf
Sea animal fact cards.pdf
Salt dough activity.pdf
Frozen sea Experiment.pdf
Frozen Sea adult Card.pdf
Floating egg Experiment.pdf
Floating egg adult Card.pdf
Design Your Own Sea Creature.pdf
Jungle_zoo week.docx
Jungle_Zoo week 11.05.2020
Zoo Fact Sheet for Adults.pdf
Zoo Fact Cards.pdf
Tell and write the time.pdf
Make your own clock.pdf
Zoo animal colouring.pdf
Animal Halves Matching Game.pdf
St Joseph’s Year R RE_Good News Summer 1 topic.pdf
Minibeast week
All about a pet.pdf
Coin ordering.pdf
Coin recognition.pdf
Pets rhyming pairs game.pdf
Pets read and draw activity sheet.pdf
Pets I Spy and Add to 10.pdf
Pets I Spy and Add to 10 Checklist.pdf
Pets I Spy and Add to 10 Answers.pdf
Pets dot to dot activity sheet.pdf
Pet counting 11-20.pdf
Pet counting 1-10.pdf
Paper plate pet craft.pdf
My fantasy pet.pdf
Make the pet.pdf
How to care for pets fact cards..pdf
Activities to Try at Home.pdf
Home learning - Reception-2.pdf
Copy of T-T-26963-Jack-And-The-Beanstalk-EYFS-Home-Learning-Challenge-Sheet-Reception-FS2.pdf
Early Learning Goals Parent and Carers Guide.pdf
QU CH SH TH NG Phonics Read and Race Game.pdf
SATPIN Read and Race Game.pdf
Phonics Phase 3 Home Learning Challenges.pdf
CVC Word Activity Booklet.pdf
Copy of roi-n-5491-estimating-the-set-differentiated-activity-sheets.pdf
Copy of t-t-20979-jack-and-the-beanstalk-magic-bean-number-ordering-120-_ver_1.pdf
Copy of t-n-2546499-all-about-numbers-0-to-10-number-formation-activity-booklet-english.pdf
Copy of T-T-617-Jack-and-the-Beanstalk-Story-sequencing-4-per-A4.pdf
EYFS Counting and Ordering Numbers to 20 Home Learning Challenges.pdf
EYFS School Closure Challenge Cards.pdf
Home learning - Reception.pdf
I Spy.pdf
Make an Emoji Face Cutting Skills Activity.pdf
I Spy.pdf
Paper Plate Pet Craft Activity.pdf
Phase 2 Phonics Rhyming String Cards.pdf
Phonics Phase 2 Home Learning Challenges.pdf
Comparing Numbers to 10 Transport-Themed Activity.pdf
Cardboard Tube Rocket Craft Instructions.pdf
All About Number 11 Activity Sheet.pdf
All About Number 12 Activity Sheet.pdf
All About Number 13 Activity Sheet.pdf
All About Number 14 Activity Sheet.pdf
All About Number 15 Activity Sheet.pdf
All About Number 16 Activity Sheet.pdf
All About Number 18 Activity Sheet.pdf
All About Number 17 Activity Sheet.pdf
All About Number 19 Activity Sheet.pdf
All About Number 20 Activity Sheet.pdf