St Joseph's Staff

The staff at St Joseph's Catholic Primary school would like to extend a warm welcome

Interim Headteacher

Mr. P. Maxfield


Mrs S. Chisholm 

Early Years

Mrs H. King & Mrs K. Carpel

Year 1 

Miss V. McDermott (Key Stage 1 Phase leader) 

Year 2

Miss S. Vincent

Year 3

Mrs J. Hardy

Year 4

Miss Y. Hidveghy

Year 5

Miss H. Wallen (Key Stage 2 Phase leader)

Year 6

Miss E. Stephens & Mrs S. Pownceby 

Music / Expressive Arts

Mrs C. Joseph

Personal, Social & Health Education

Mrs. C. Fletcher

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs S. Bull, Mrs H. Caller, Mrs P. Edwards, Miss L. Finch, Mrs. A. Lewis, 

Mrs P. Manifold, Miss L. Morris, Mrs K. O'Keeffe, Mrs W. Strachan, Mrs J. Wilson

Additional Midday Assistant

Miss L. Burgess, Mrs N. Coleman, Mrs T. Florence, Miss A. Hughes

Administration Staff

Mrs. L. Burridge (Admissions and Attendance) & Miss E. Connolley (Administration Assistant)

 Site Staff

Mr. R. Flanagan- Caretaker

Mrs C. Parsons,  Mrs A. Spencer


Catering Team

Mrs. A. Court (Catering Manager),  Mrs. M. Johnstone (Assistant Cook)

Breakfast Club

Mrs W. Strachan